About Us

About R3 Online Limited

As R3 Online are the trade arm of R3 Data Recovery, we provide a unique data recovery consultancy and advice service to our partners. Operating at the leading edge of data recovery technology, we provide data recovery services utilising the best recovery technicans in the UK, working in state of the art labs with the highest recovery capacity in the industry conforming to class leading ISO 3 standard. We specialise in recovering lost data from RAID Arrays, VM Servers, NAS, SAN, SSD and Hard Drives. We also recover data from Flash Memory devices like USB Memory Sticks, SD Cards and SSD hard drives.

The Highest Successful Recovery Rates In The UK

With over 40 years of data recovery experience and recovery labs with resources other recovery companies can only dream about, its no wonder we have the highest success rates in the UK. Our data recovery experts provide an in-depth recovery operation leaving no stone unturned, developing new recovery techniques resulting in a successful recovery rate of 90%. Not only is the success rate important, but so is the time it takes to perform the recovery. Our two labs have a capacity unriveled in the UK. Many recovery companies have to prioritise the jobs they receive because of the lack of equipment and the ability of their staff. Not at R3, we have the ability to cope with many emergency job, while still been able to perform the day to day recoveries that are sent to us. We even recover data from devices that have been declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies.

Customer Driven No Data No Fee

After a data loss disaster, the immediate response to the data loss is the most important action taken. At R3 our technicans are available by phone to help diagnose the problem and plan the best way forward to recover and restore the data. Our ethos is to provide a service where the focus is the customer and the recovery is performed in a trusted and reliable environment.

Confidence and Security

Our state of the art recovery and wiping Labs are situated in secure buildings with on-site 24 hour security. Containing the latest equipment, the Labs have been built with the sole purpose of providing the very best data recovery and wiping service as quickly as possible. Our technicians are among the best in the data recovery field and are continually developing new techniques to advance our recovery capabilities.Please click here for our Privacy Policy.

To enquire about your data management needs, simply fill in the online quote request form and we will take care of the rest. We can also be reached by phone, on 0800 999 4447