Data Recovery Services

At R3 Online Limited we provide our partners with advice from the very beginning. After assessing the data loss we start planning the recovery process immediately in order to provide the best chance of recovery. Whether you’re on a client site, face to face or on the telephone to a client, our partners have access to a recovery expert who will assist and advise the best way forward.

We recover data from every storage device including HDD (Internal & External), SSD, RAID, NAS, SAN, VM, USB Pen Drives and Flash Memory.

For more information regarding our data recovery services please click here.

Secure Wiping Services

Our secure wiping services incorporate industry compliant data wiping software, utilising our bespoke computer systems designed specifically for data wiping. Our processes are designed to comply with the Data Protection Act (1998) and will also incorporate the unique needs of our clients through Service Management Agreements.

At our secure lab we are able to securely wipe any data from any storage device, irrespective of who the manufacture is and how the hard drive was used. We manage the whole process from the collection of the devices by dedicated driver, all the way through to the creation of the secure wiping report.

Hard Drive Donor Supply Services

At R3 Online we have over 8000 hard drives ready to be used as donors. Whether that's using parts for data recovery operations or rebuilding / repairing computers, we have a large and varied stock of all manufacturers drives. Before shipping all of our donors are tested and have already been wiped.

You can search and then order the drives online, once payment has cleared we will ship them out using our secure courier service.

To search our online donor parts database please click on this link Donor Database.

Data Protection & Information Governance Services

We help clients to understand and become compliant with the Data Protection Act, this includes health checks, audits and management of data protection policies. Why is this important? Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can lead to prosecution, fines and damage to busness reputation.

Additional Services

Our expertise with hard drives and data management allows us to provide additional services such as Hard Drive Recertification, Imaging & Cloning hard drives and Hard Drive Recycling. Also we offer bespoke services, so if any of our partners get asked for unique solutions by their clients we'd be more than happy to explore any new opportunities.


Data Recovery & Disaster Planning, Secure Data Wiping, Hard Drive Donor Supply.

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