Secure Wiping Services

End of Life Data Management and Compliance

Data protection & information governance is not optional and therefore provides business with obligations and procedures that are a challenge to many. If data protection compliance is breached, the penalties financially are large and the damage to reputation substantial.

R3 Online’s Secure Data Wiping Service not only helps remove this burden, but will also mitigate the risks associated with record retention and unauthorised use during the data lifecycle.

Responsibility to be compliant doesn’t end when a storage device has been replaced or decommissioned, it continues while data is stored on it. This is the case for the following situations:

  • Decommissioning hard drives
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Returning hard drives at the end of a lease
  • End of life hard drives
  • Selling second hand hard drives
  • Relocation of hard drive assets
  • Hard drives acquired through liquidation
  • Used hard drives in storage

Secure Data Wiping Service

At R3 Online our services incorporate industry compliant data wiping software, utilising our bespoke computer systems designed specifically for data wiping. Our processes are designed to comply with the Data Protection Act (1998) and will also incorporate the unique needs of our clients through Service Management Agreements.

At our secure lab we are able to securely wipe any data from any storage device, irrespective of who the manufacture is and how the hard drive was used. We manage the whole process from the collection of the devices by dedicated driver, all the way through to the creation of the secure wiping report.

Secure Data Wiping Value

Through our Secure Wiping Service, R3 Online provide the following:

  • Achieving commercial goals with compliance
  • Ensuring data security on redundant storage devices
  • Compliance with government and regulatory polices
  • Mitigation of risk through unauthorised access of data

Secure Data Wiping Management

Providing a detailed Service Management Agreement, R3 Online outline the responsibilities of all parties to ensure the protection and security of data. This also ensures that there are sufficient security guarantees in place and that the data processing complies with obligations equivalent to those of the 7th Data Protection Principle contained in the Data Protection Act 1998. This enables R3 to provide an efficient service with minimum impact on our clients.

We provide varying levels of Managed Service depending on the client’s unique needs. This includes the following:

  • Secure location with 24 Hour security
  • Dedicated driver pickup & return
  • Packaging (Boxes, Anti-static bags, Bubble Wrap, Tape)
  • Unique job number for each device
  • Different levels of wiping
  • Certificate of destruction for each device
  • Destruction of device if it can’t be wiped
  • Data Validation Checks
  • Lab visit by appointment

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