How We Work

Recovery Services

At R3 we have a simple approach to recovering data. We've invested heavily in our labs and technicians to create a process that is successful, quick and provides a unique value for money service. We offer a No Data No Fee policy, ensuring we perform at our best to recover data from any disaster.

As the only Data Recovery Service in the UK that uses two labs, we have the ability and the capacity to handle any disaster. It is vitally important that any data recovery operation is handled quickly, professionally and successfully. Utilising both labs, the technicians at R3 hold the enviable position of being best placed to recover data than any other lab facility in the UK. We have 3 service levels:

  • Standard (5-7 working days)
  • Priority (3-4 working days)
  • Emergency (12-48 hours)

We provide the best recovery service because we have the capacity that allows us to process recovery jobs without having to pause or stop the jobs we are currently working on. Many recovery companies have to prioritise the jobs they are working on because they just don't have enough technicians or equipment provide a decent service. At R3 we have built our labs to a capacity where we can handle any emergency without effecting our current work load.

The Recovery Process

As soon as data loss has happened or even suspected, the device in question must be isolated. Please don't try anything, talk to us first. The last thing we want or you need is to make the issue worse. We can help diagnose the issue and start planning the recovery process. Hopefully it will be a simple bit of advice we can give you to point you in the right direction, if there is a serious problem we can start working on the issue immediately. We provide the following as part of our standard recovery process:

  • Free Telephone Diagnostics
  • Free Courier Pickup Service
  • No Obligation Quote
  • File List of Recovered Data

Our whole operation is built on providing successful recoveries, which is why we only charge when the client is happy.

Additional Services

Most Server recovery is carried out using a 3 stage recovery process which provides safety and security for your data whilst maintaining the fastest possible recovery times (often less than 24 hours):

  • Documenting, scanning and cloning of each member device
  • Virtual reconstruction of the array using the clone drives
  • Data examination, recovery and verification

We recover data from any type of server, from custom built machines to Dell, Hitachi, Fujitsu, HP, Sun, Apple & IBM solutions running any version of Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and many forms of Unix.

Hard Drive Recovery

Our Server Recovery Services are led by experienced RAID Recovery engineers who you get to talk to as they progress your recovery. Our in house server/network team consists of industry leading data recovery experts, Microsoft Certified Professionals, hardware, software and Linux/Unix experts. With superb customer service support and data loss prevention consultation services we believe that we offer the widest, most comprehensive disaster prevention and data recovery team in the UK.

Our Server Recovery Services are led by experienced RAID Recovery engineers who you get to talk to as they progress your recovery. Their experience includes IAS, Exchange, NT Server, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2007, Server 2008 , Data Center 2004, Data Center 2006 etc. Linux Server, Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, Efinity Server etc.


Data Recovery & Disaster Planning, Secure Data Wiping, Hard Drive Donor Supply.

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