Enterprise Recovery Services

Servers and many other storage systems use methods of splitting the data load across multiple storage devices to either provide extra space, redundancy against failure, extra speed, or all three. Whilst many companies out there can offer recovery from single devices, at R3 we offer a full recovery from all manner of multi-disk systems regardless of what the problem is.

Most Server recovery is carried out using a 3 stage recovery process which provides safety and security for your data whilst maintaining the fastest possible recovery times (often less than 24 hours):

  • Documenting, scanning and cloning of each member device
  • Virtual reconstruction of the array using the clone drives
  • Data examination, recovery and verification

We recover data from any type of server, from custom built machines to Dell, Hitachi, Fujitsu, HP, Sun, Apple & IBM solutions running any version of Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and many forms of Unix.

Critical Business Recovery

At R3 we aim to give our clients access to their data as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Emergency data recovery is not cheap but R3 are one of the most cost effective data recovery companies in the UK. And when it comes to buying professional services many businesses pay for the best they can afford.

The advantage of using R3 Online for emergency data restoration is that we have the highest possible success rates and are geared for handling emergencies. Our labs have spare capacity to handle various disasters, from a single drive storing manufacturing production data, a broken memory stick with hard worked on business development or research, to entire RAID arrays with numerous Virtual Machines and virtual hard drives with everything from financial information and intellectual property.

There are many Data Recovery companies who offer a range of prices, but at R3 we offer fixed up front pricing for any type of data recovery providing there are no complications. Problems can arise during the initial data loss situation as clients panic and attempt to use software or low cost software based data recovery services.

In reality most failures require data recovery companies with teams of technicians and the equipment and resources to come through with the results needed, at R3 we provide the service, technicians and equipment to provide a service envied by many.

ITC Business Support & Reseller Added Value Service

Through our Partner Programme we can provide companies who offer IT services with a data recovery solution to add to their portfolio, so they are able to meet clients’ demands and generate a new revenue stream. Our service is transparent, easy to use without any commitments!

With more data stored and storage devices pushed to their maximum capability, it is only a matter of time before data loss will affect one of your customers. IT Service providers, hosting companies, contractors, computer repair businesses and other value-added resellers do need the ability to provide a reliable, professional and trusted data recovery service, with the capacity to provide a world-class data recovery solutions to their customers without worry. Our partner programme has all of that and more.

Build customer loyalty, enhance your service offerings and grow your revenue with R3.

Bespoke Data Recovery Solutions

Not all file systems are standard, especially those that are bespoke themselves and written for specific reason many many years ago. At R3 we develop our own bespoke recovery programs that will identify any file system and recover it. We can even investigate the possibility of exporting the data and placing it into a standard format.


Data Recovery & Disaster Planning, Secure Data Wiping, Hard Drive Donor Supply.

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